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Perry Hall

Message From The President

Greetings Neighbors!

Welcome to the PHIA’s web site!  We hope you find the site to be a useful tool for staying informed about local issues and PHIA events.

Although the PHIA has been in existence nearly 65 years and is one of the oldest and largest civic organization in northeast Baltimore County, I often have people ask me: “What does the PHIA do?”  To summarize, the PHIA is dedicated to ensuring that we all remain proud to call Perry Hall “home.”

Now, for the longer answer: The PHIA is a unique community organization. While some organizations focus almost exclusively on advocacy, events, or service projects, the PHIA is actively engaged in all three activities on a regular basis.

With respect to advocacy, the PHIA has a longstanding history of advocating on behalf of the community regarding issues important to Perry Hall.  By way of example, the PHIA has recently taken an active role in the following issues:

  • Removal of Gunview Road  from the Baltimore County Master Plan.
  • Co-sponsoring a reward for information that leads to the arrest and indictment of individual responsible for graffiti in Perry Hall.
  • Testifying before the County Council in support of the Perry Hall Community Plan.
  • Testifying before the County Council in support of a bill that requires developers to hold community input meetings closer to proposed developments.
  • Testifying before the County Council regarding resolutions to create recreational trails in Perry Hall.
  • Writing a letter to Councilman Marks and Councilwoman Bevins regarding priorities for Perry Hall.
  • Testifying before the Baltimore County Councilmanic Redistricting Commission to request that Perry Hall be unified in a single district.
  • Submitting a statement to the Governor’s Redistricting Advisory Committee, asking that Perry Hall be unified in a single state legislative district and a single congressional district.

In terms of events, the PHIA sponsors a Memorial Day celebration, a holiday tree lighting, and a Spring event. This year, we held the PHIA’s first “Bunny Breakfast” at Gunpowder Lodge.  We are also exploring options for a Halloween event in the community.

The PHIA’s service projects include an annual tree planting, beautification projects, the clean up of a stretch of Honeygo Boulevard, and providing college scholarships.

Please consider becoming a member and participating in the PHIA.  When we have more members, our collective voice is stronger when we advocate for the community, the events are more fun, and the service opportunities expand.

See you around Perry Hall!
Dennis M. Robinson, Jr.,
President, Metronidazole (Antibiotics) Tac Dung Phu Cua Thuoc Flagyl - perryhallmaryland.org